Wise Owls Newsletter March 16, 2018

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March 16, 2018

This year your children are taking part in an exciting adventure in their own development. They are taking responsibility for their own growth as learners by keeping a working portfolio in notebooks in all the subject areas. A working portfolio is a purposeful collection of student work that represents a child’s growth and development over time. It is a student collection of treasures, much like artists or journalists have to represent who they are.

Each child’s working portfolio (notebooks and files on each subject) will be unique, just as they are unique. Children develop in school at their own pace, with their own special strengths and special needs. The working portfolios allow them to see their improvement, to reflect on it, and to decide on personal goals for their next endeavors. Right now, the children will be sharing with you some important parts of their working portfolio.

You and your child will have the opportunity to take part in a student-led conference, next week in March, where you will get to see the working portfolios/notebooks and what your child does while here at school each day. We will be conferencing after school on Monday, March 19h, Tuesday, March 20th, Wednesday, March 21st and on Thursday, March 22nd. Please arrive at least 30-45 minutes prior to your child’s conference time so that they can show you their work. When it is your hour to conference, you will be in the room with your child who is leading the conference. Your undivided attention to your second grader is crucial to the success of this conference. Please keep this in mind when planning and scheduling. Conferences went on line, Monday, March 5th.

This is an opportunity for you, as a parent, to display a positive interest in your child’s progress, assess your child’s evaluation of his/her accomplishments, and provide your child with support and encouragement for his/her work at school.

Please understand that there will be other families conferencing at the same time. I will meet with each of you during the hour you signed up for and while I’m meeting with one family, the other 2 families will be with their child leading them to other areas of learning in the classroom. There will be other opportunities for you to meet with me if either of us feels that there is a need. Please let me know if you feel this need after the student-led conference.

Thank you in advance for your enthusiasm and cooperation!


Angie Wise

Stafford Families,
Spring Conference Sign Up is now open. Signups take place through FamilyLink, our improved portal of student information for parents and students. If you are unfamiliar with FamilyLink, please follow the instructions below. If you have any questions, please call our office at 503-673-7150.
To access FamilyLink please do the following:
1) Go to school website
2) Click “FamilyLink” in top-right corner
3) If you have logged into FamilyLink before, use those same credentials – your email address and whatever password you assigned
4) If you have not logged into FamilyLink before and you are the Primary Contact for your children, click the Forgot Password link and enter your email address (yes, you do need to enter it 3 times).
If you use the Forgot Password link, you will be emailed a link that will allow you to assign your own password. If you do not get the link in your email or you are not the primary contact for your children, contact the school. You might also try other email addresses that you suspect the school may have on-file.

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