Newsletter Feb. 21, 2012

Wise’s Newsletter

Feb. 21, 2012



Just a reminder to please not read my books around food or drinks.  Some of them come back a little worse for the wear and they are my personal books!  If anything does happen, please buy a new one for our classroom. Thank you.


Penguin Open House

When:  Monday, Feb. 27

Time:  11:30-12:45 (Remember, come anytime during this time…just give yourself at least 45 minutes, if not an hour with your child.) 

Who:  Parents, grandparents, younger siblings are ok!


Penguin Math Homework

Please do the math problems on the back.  Make sure you draw a picture (circles are fine), write an equation, and explain your thinking using words.  I want to KNOW how you solved the problem! Did you use your fingers to count?  Did you count by 2’s?  What?  Tell me!


Word Work Homework

We are going to keep our same word wall words, as we only had a 4 day week and have been so busy learning about penguins!  Please practice spelling them as your drive, eat breakfast, etc.  Make a game out of it!


for                               because


with                             they





100th Day of School!

Our 100th day of school is this thurs, Feb. 23.  We will be celebrating at school by counting to 100 by 1’s, 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s. We will be counting a variety of things at school and working on a number packet.  It is a celebration that is done with the kids…so…no parents please!  Of course, if it is your day to read, then come on in!  As part of this celebration, we have breakfast together.  Please count out 100 pieces of your favorite cereal and send it in.  I will supply the milk.  Send in your cereal on Thurs, our 100th day of school!


Penguin Movies

Do you have any penguin movies we can borrow?  As we near the end of our penguin unit, we like to celebrate with a penguin movie. If you have Happy Feet 1 or 2, or March of the Penguins, then can we please borrow it?  In VCR form, please. Thank you!



Upcoming Dates


Thursday, Feb. 23:  100th day of school!  Please send in 100 pieces of your favorite cereal.


Monday, Feb. 27:  Penguin Open House


Tues., Feb. 28, Wed., Feb. 29 and Th. and Fri., March 1



Thurs. and Fri. March 1 and 2.  No school for kids.  Conferences on Thurs. March 1


Wed. March 14:  12:10 Early Release Day.


March 16:  Fieldtrip to the Zoo


March 24-April 1Spring Break







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