Wise Owls Newsletter Sept. 18, 2017


Hi Parents,

I hope you had a great weekend and are enjoying the fresh rain which seems to be cleaning our air. Today the kids were rushing to the windows to listen to the thunder and watch the rain pour down….one would think they h.ad never seen rain before!

Tomorrow, Tues. September 19th we will be celebrating International Talk Like a Pirate Day! As part of our unit on maps and directionality, we will be celebrating Pirate Day! We will have pirate math, pirate reading, pirate writing, and we will work on our mapping skills while navigating with a compass rose.

**Please feel free to send your child dressed as a pirate! But, keep it simple! Use what you might already have around the house, a bandanna, a white shirt, a big belt, a homemade eye patch…no need to buy an extravagant costume.

Later this week we have our community field trip to West Linn on Thursday, Sept. 21. We are taking a walking tour of some of the local businesses as party of our study on communities and maps. We will depart Stafford at 9:00 (so parents that are coming with us, please arrive by 8:45 to Stafford) and return by 11:30. Please dress your child in good walking shoes and send them with a waterproof jacket. Your child will also need a packed lunch and a snack to eat while on the bus to and from the West Linn community.

Attached is a sign up for conferences. Please choose a first, second and third choice and return or email me back. I look forward to setting goals for the year with you about your child!

Have a great week! See all your little pirates tomorrow!

Ms. Wise

Wise Owls Newsletter Sept. 14, 2017

Wise Owl

HI all!

We have lots going on! I’ve sent home lots of paperwork to be signed and filled out so thank you to those who have gotten it in! I’ll keep resending them home! The fieldtrip next Thursday is the most important paper I need returned so that your child can attend. Thank you for sending this home!

I also wanted to ask if any of you are interested in teaching the Junior Achievement lessons on community? The lessons are all written out and you just follow them. If you are interested, please let me know as well as either contact Lane Kadel (a parent here at school) and/or the main facilitator :
Jennifer Arritola I Director of In-Class Programs

Junior Achievement of Oregon & SW Washington

7830 SE Foster Road I Portland, OR 97206

971-255-4945 – Direct Line

503-312-3036 – Cell Phone

It is really worthwhile!!!!!

Also, next Tuesday, is PIRATE DAY! We will dress as pirates as we study and learn mapping skills before going on our community fieldtrip on Thursday. Maps are in integral part of our community lessons so that we know where things are and begin to understand directionality. It will be fun!


Angie Wise

Wise Owls Newsletter Aug. 29, 2017

two owls on branch

Dear Parents, August 29, 2017

We are off to a great start in this new school year. Your children are amazing! It has been such a pleasure getting to know each new “Wise Owl” as he/she shares about themselves. If your child did not bring something to share then please send something in tomorrow so that we can continue to be introduced to our new set of Wise Owls.

In the beginning of the school year, we take time to build community within our classroom. It creates a positive, nurturing and safe learning environment for all. It is my hope that your child feels a part of our Wise Owl community. My goal is to make every child feel important and special each and every day.

On curriculum night, Thursday, September 7th, I will share with you our year long vision for second grade and review our curriculum. This evening is extremely important for you to attend. Please mark the date on your calendars. It begins at 6:00 in the gym. I will also post weekly or bi-weekly information on our classroom blog.

Snacks and Water Bottles
We have a daily snack time at school. Your child is invited to bring a HEALTHY snack each day. It’s a good time to reinforce fruits, vegetables proteins and whole grains during snack time. I also encourage the students to have a water bottle at school. Water keeps the body hydrated and helps the brain focus on learning. We tend to have students who are allergic to peanuts, so it is just best to try and avoid this in our snacks and lunches.

Emergency Kits
Be sure to turn in your child’s emergency kit as soon as possible. If you need another copy of the list for the emergency kit, please ask the office.

Items needed
Please recheck the supply list! We need baby wipes! Please send some in if you have not already. We forgot to put this on the supply list. If you think your child needs an extra pencil box to put everything in, then please send one in. I may ask for other items throughout the year so thank you in advance. Also, send in your child’s favorite “just right” book from home!

On curriculum night, I will have a volunteer survey for you to complete. For now, if you find you have some extra time and would like to help with clerical work and completing projects for the Wise Owls, please come in and check my “to do” box on the counter to the right of the door, inside the classroom. Regular volunteer hours will begin near the end of September.

Reading Homework
Our official homework will begin with home reading throughout September. Look for the record sheet in the brown manila homework envelope and record your child’s daily reading. Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns. You can contact me through email or phone. If you have an urgent matter during the school day, contact the school office. They can relay any information to me in a timely matter. I look forward to working together with you and your child to make second grade the best year yet.

Daily Schedule/Specials 1:30-2:00
Monday: PE (wear sneakers on PE days)
Tues: Library
Wed.: Music
Thurs: Music
Fri.: PE
Chinese: 1:00 Tuesdays

Angie Wise

Wise Owl Newsletter June 6, 2017

two owls on branch

Hi all!

The school year is rapidly approaching the end! We have many wonderful things happening right now and I want you to be aware of them!

-This Friday. June 9 is Africa Bridge Market place . Please see the invite below. Third grade has made homemade items to sell and all proceeds go to Africa Bridge. If you want to send a little money with your child, that would be great!

-Wednesday, June 14th is our Portfolio share at 10:45 in the classroom, lunch with the kids at 11:25, then the end of year party on the lawn at 12:05. Please email me if you are planning on buying lunch that day at school so that I can tell the lunch ladies. You will just need to put an extra $4.00 in your child’s account to pay for your lunch…or maybe you bring lunch for both of you?!

-Monday, June 19 is Field day. If you can volunteer, please contact the office and let them know. Volunteers are needed from 8:30-11:30. Thank you!

-Tuesday, June 20 is our last day of school.

I’m looking forward to our last 11 days of school together! Happy almost summer!


Angie Wise

Africa Bridge Marketplace

Friday, June 9th

Homemade Crafts for sale

from 25 cents-$5.00

Third graders are inviting the entire school to come to their Marketplace event to see the handmade crafts they have for sale. The proceeds from the sales go to support our sister schools in Tanzania.

You can bring a few dollars from your “piggy bank”, or ask your parents if they would pay you to do extra chores to earn some money. Be creative. Offer to do something they would really appreciate!

We will be celebrating with Jamba Juice (“Jambo Juice”) during our lunch as well. It is a day to celebrate Stafford students becoming world citizens as they continue to find ways to reach to make the world a better place.

Stafford students, Oh yay!

Wise Owls Newsletter May 2, 2017

Hi All!

Tomorrow our Africa Bridge, Feed to read to build reading challenge is our last day for reading. You can send in the brown envelopes that were sent home several weeks ago after you collect your donations. I understand that some of the donations may be just a set amount of money, which is great! Please make your checks out to AFRICA BRIDGE. There were some tax donation papers in the original packet for those that donated money as this is a tax deductible donation to a non-profit agency who is helping kids in Tanzania, Africa. If you need more tax donation papers, please email me. If you lost your envelope to send in money, just put it an any envelope or baggie with your child’s name on it and what it is for. Thank you to everyone who donated to help others in need!

Today, with Okaidja, several students volunteered to “sing” solo before the rest of the class echoed them. I wanted to say “thank you” to these student who were ok with trying their best, mistakes and all! That is how we learn! Thank you to: Parker, Ellis, Will, Jameson, Shane, Ben, Nico and Brooklyn. I hope more students will volunteer tomorrow with our artist in residence!

Your students are writing their final draft on their animal research into google slides this week. They have highlighted internet articles, read real books and used sticky notes then wrote a rough draft and are now typing their stories into Google slides Please have them go onto their slide with you so that you can be the FINAL EDITOR. Please feel free to add anything else as well as a video if you want! They have done a ton of work! Presentation sign ups will be coming home next week.

Dioramas are due May 15. If you have any questions, please email me and/or also go onto my blog., under HABITATS, on the right hand side, click on DIORAMAS. It will show you examples.

In math, your children are continuing to work on math facts to 20 at school. Please quiz them in the car and at dining times…example, do all the 8’s: 8+1,

8 + 2, 8 + 3. etc. all the way to 20, then do subtraction. Then, mix it up! This is a great way to test them on their math facts!

Our word wall words are from Week 22. They are: Earth, water, land, star and planet. Remember that Earth is capitalized! Play some games, have your kids practice spelling them to you in the car, at supper and breakfast, etc. There are also lots of spelling games on Spelling City.

I’m looking forward to seeing all of you this Friday, May 5 at our Africa Bridge assembly at 8:15 AM in the MPR!

Angie Wise

Wise Owls Newsletter April 19, 2017

HI all!

What a fun busy time of year! In Spelling City, the 5 main word wall words are contractions. We’ve practiced everyday in school, but please practice at home too. Play hangman with your child on paper, write the words out as NOT contractions, but them in ABC order, but just practice! Of course, your child may practice on Spelling City too! The words are: don’t, you’re, wasn’t, we’re and didn’t. Thank you for helping your child with this sometimes difficult process to understand!

In Math, we are continuing to work on subtraction. You will see graded papers coming home…sometimes your child changed their answers to the correct answers ( which is good!) But, if it was circled, it was wrong when they turned it in. It’s a good thing for them to correct at home if they have not done it already. :-) in IXL, subtraction is F and H if you would like to work on this more at home.

In Science, we are working on learning about our animal! Please help your child research and read books and on-line articles at home! Count this towards your Africa Bridge reading minutes so that you are “double tasking”! We want your child to “know” their animal so well that they “become” their animal! Some dates to remember for presentations will be the two weeks of May 15-25. Your child will be presenting to the class much like they did with their great person. We are making tri-folds in the classroom and will be making our slides in the classroom AFTER we do all of our research. I will let you know when your child is ready to check their slides with you. Thank you for only RESEARCHING first! I know it’s exciting! Our Ecosystem museum in the MPR will be Friday, May 26 from 8:15-9:15. More details to come later, but I thought you might want the date and time for now!

On another note, it is Earth Day this sat. As part of our Ecosystem unit, we are really focusing on REDUCING, REUSING AND RECYCLING. Please read the poem coming home with your child today as they learn what they can do to help the Earth and all of the plants and animals that live here, as well as our natural resources. Have a great rest of your week!


Angie Wise

I am the Earth

To honor Earth Day 2015 we would like to invite you all to sing along with us as we celebrate our planet and look at ways we can protect our environment. This is a great Earth Day song written by Glyn Lehmann and illustrated by the students from Marryatville School in South Australia. We like the lyrics of the song because the Earth is speaking to the children of the world and asking for their help. You can print them out here: I Am The Earth Lyrics

There are some easy ways for us all to protect our environment. Will you join us in our effort to protect the Earth?

Wise Owls’ Newsletter April 10, 2017

Africa Bridge Reading Challenge

Second graders will have the opportunity to participate in a special literacy program throughout the month of April. We call it the Read to Feed/Read to Build Reading Challenge Project. This program is designed to raise money to help support the students from our buddy schools in Tanzania. We read a great book called Beatrice’s Goat that tells the story of a little girl whose family receives the gift of a goat. The goat helps them earn enough money to feed her family and to send Beatrice to school. The non-profit organization, Africa Bridge, supplies this type of sustainable help in Tanzania to support needy and orphaned children through their cow and potato and avocado co-ops.

Cow Co-op

This reading challenge project is an extension of our Great People in History unit. We are very excited to know that we, too, can make a difference in people’s lives by making a difference in the life of just one child. We know that through our donations to Africa Bridge

$50 pays for supplies for a child to attend primary school a year
$50 pays for veterinary care to help keep livestock co-0ps healthy
$150 pays for fees and supplies to send a child to secondary school for a year
$250 pays for 500 avocado saplings to begin orchards
$500 pays for one family’s membership in a cow co-op
$10,000 builds a classroom

Old Classrooms at Pakati Primary School
New Classrooms Build Through Stafford support

Over 375 desks build through Stafford’s support

In second grade we decided we would use our reading skills to help support our friends at our sister schools, Pakati Primary, Katusyo Primary, and our newest sister school Ipyana Primary. We challenged ourselves to read more and looked for sponsors for our reading. Watch this video to see the The Flat Stanley/Flat Stella friendship letter project we did last year.

Over the past 9 years, together with the efforts of our both our 3rd and 4th graders through their school-wide fundraiser, The Market Place, Stafford students have done great things. Thanks to their efforts

More students are attending school
Families have more food as a result of the animal cooperatives
3 new classrooms have been built
Pakati Primary School built one toilet

Our Africa Bridge Kid’s Team led our opening assembly last Friday to kick off our project this year. John Worcester from Africa Bridge came to talk to us about the great things that are happening for the students in Tanzania, thanks to the continuing support of the students at Stafford School. We are excited to see what we do this year! We will be expanding our help to the Kisondela schools.

They need support sending students to school, help rebuilding classrooms and building more desks. We will be looking for sponsors for our reading challenge program starting today.

Founder Barry Childs meeting with students
Let’s use our reading skills to make a difference
in the lives of our friends
in Tanzania!
Let’s do it!
How will you challenge yourself in your reading? More minutes a day? A new series? Books about children around the world?

Wise Owls Newsletter April 5, 2017

two owls on branch

Hi all!

Yesterday, each of your children brought home a paper stating which ecosystem they want to learn more about. From that ecosystem, your child needs to do some research on my blog and choose three animals they wish to research further and send that paper back in by Monday, April 10th. If your child has the paper filled out earlier, please send it in earlier! I’ve attached this paper as well in case your child did not make it home.

Our word wall words this week are from Week 18 on Spelling city on my blog. The main 5 words we will be focusing on are: would, could, should, good, and stood. Please practice some word games before our test this Friday on line.

In IXL, children are learning subtraction strategies. Please practice “H” on IXL for more subtraction practice.

Thank you to everyone who came in to conference with your child. They really “took the lead” and showed you what they are learning, goals they have met, and goals they are still working on meeting. If you have not yet been able to have your child lead you in their conference, please schedule a time to come in and do that with your child. They really need and want to show you all they’ve been learning this year in second grade!


Angie Wise

Wise Owls Newsletter April 3, 2017

Hi Everyone!

I hope you had a fantastic spring break! I know I did…I visited three National Parks in Utah: Capital Reef, Zion and Bryce. It’s so nice to get away and see our beautiful country. I want to know what your children did for spring break! Park of their work over spring break was to take Flat Stanley and Stella with them, take pictures, and write about what they did…even if it was a “staycation” at home. The writing may be done on paper or in a slide show using Google…just like your child did with their great people. When done, please send in your adventure writing and Flat Stanley and Stella as I will be putting it up on our bulletin board! Here’s what was sent home prior to spring break about this project. Thank you!


Angie Wise

Flat Stanley or Stella’s Adventure

with _________________ (student’s name)

Take Stanley or Stella on an adventure at your house, in your neighborhood, or on a trip. Take one or more pictures of Stanley and tell of his adventures. You can use paper to write on or write a story using Google Slides and upload your pictures.

Have fun with Stanley or Stella!

This is due after Spring Break!

Wise Owls Newsletter March 8, 2017

two owls on branch

HI All!

Just a reminder that the great people hall of fame is this Friday, March 10 from 9-10 in the MPR. If you want to help your child change into their clothing please come around 8:30 as we will be walking down around 8:45. This is also Stafford’s pajama day, so pajamas are fine for the other times of the day! The pancake breakfast starts at 7:30 if you and your family are interested (PTSA sponsored and I believe the cost is $2 per person?!)

I wanted to list the other students who presented their great people last week after I listed the week before and last Monday’s Newsletter! They all did such a wonderful job! Here’s a “shout out” to these students for teaching us about their great people and how they changed the world:

Charlie: Charles Dickens

Charlotte W.: Princess Diana

Shane: Babe Ruth

Parker: Raphael

Ryan: Galileo

Connor: Neil Armstrong

Jameson: Jackie Robinson

Will: William Clark

Maleah: Serena Williams

Haley: Anne Frank

Kieren: Paul Revere

Micah: Abraham Lincoln

You may be getting a lot of See Saw emails and pictures from your children. They are prepping for their student led conference with you and are excited to show you “The Life in the Day of a Second Grader!”

See you Friday,

Angie Wise

Wise Owls Newsletter Feb. 27, 2017

Wise Owl

Hello everyone!

We are learning about so many great people! Here’s a quick breakdown of who we met last week:

George Washington: Cameron

Phil Knight: Ben

Alexander Graham Bell: Xhristo

MLK Jr.: Houston

Malala: Ellis

Sacajawea: Brooklyn

Helen Keller: Hallie

Rosa Parks: Alena

Steve Jobs: Rowan

Thomas Edison: Nico

And today:

Jane Goodall: Anika

Amelia Earhart: Charlotte L.

Ask your children about these great people, why they are great and how they helped change the world! They are the experts on these people! We are learning so much as each child presents and teaches us about their great person! Each presentation is unique and wonderful! Way to go children!

Our new words for spelling this week are Spelling City Week 14: square, circle, rectangle, triangle and angle. Remember, writing your words on paper, using them in sentences, playing old fashioned hang man with paper and pencil are all ways to learn these words…not just Spelling City! You should always have someone quiz you with paper and pencil before the final test at the end of th week!

In math, we are continuing our money unit. I have gone through and torn out all the money pages and am sending it home for “homework”. This is to be done at your child’s own pace, but will also show you what we have been doing at school. You may send the packet in when you are finished. These papers are directly from your child’s math book and they have done some of them at school too. The main direction at the top of every page says “show your work”. This means, drawing a picture, writing an equation, writing words describing how you solved the problem, etc. The answer is not enough! Your child must explain how they got their answer! In IXL, money practice is letter “P”.

Have a great week and I can’t wait to meet the rest of our classroom’s great people!


Angie Wise

Wise Owls Newsletter Feb. 21, 2017

owl on branch

Hello all!

First of all, the presentations started today and they off to a fantastic start! We’ve learned about Ben Franklin from Nolan, George Washington from Cameron, Phil Knight from Ben and Alexander Graham Bell from Xhristo. Tomorrow we learn about MLK Jr. from Houston and Malala from Ellis. Please, feel free to go on to Google slides and change anything your child has written and most definitely, have them practice their speech in front of you, looking forward, speaking clearly and slowly and loudly! I can’t wait to hear all of their wonderful speeches and see what interesting things they put in their cans!

Our word wall words this week are Week 13. They are: penny, nickel, quarter, hundred, and thousand. Please work on P9-P16 on IXL as the children are focusing on money, adding and subtracting money as well as amounts left over (change). Of course, if your child has not mastered or gotten a medal on P1-P8, please do those first as it is sequential. Having a notebook beside the computer to do the calculations in is key for solving money math story problems!

Everyday over the next two weeks we have 2-4 presentations as we celebrate our learning of Great People. It is a very fun time of year as we learn about each other’s work and study. Our Great People Hall of Fame is still Friday, March 10, but it is now at 8:45 instead of 8:15. There is a pancake breakfast hosted by the PTSA that morning in the MPR so our time had to be moved back a bit. Perhaps you can come to both?!

Have a wonderful week!

Angie Wise

Wise Owls Newsletter Feb. 8, 2017

two owls on branch

Hello everyone!

Our field trip to see a play at Newmark theater has been moved to Thursday, May 25th leaving at 10:45 and back at 1:45. The same parent who originally were going are still paid and have dibs! Please check your schedules and put the date down! Thank you!

Great People Research
All of your children have been working hard on their great people research! They’ve highlighted articles, read books and used sticky notes to take notes and then began the process of organizing their notes and writing a draft. They all have written their first draft and are now editing: capitals int he correct places, punctuation, circling words they don’t know and rereading to make sure it makes sense. Now, they are in the process of TYPING it on the computer! We have slides set up for them in Google slides and they are looking at their hard draft and copying it onto the computer. I know they would love to show you what they have done! Their log in is their email and then their password with the capital P…same as spelling city and IXL. Just get on Google on line and they can show you! Feel free to be a final editor! Also, feel free to show them how to add pictures if you wish! Or let them show you! You will be surprised at what they have learned!

Great People Can-Due Friday, Feb. 17
Your child will need to collect a can or box (oatmeal, hot cocoa, cereal box, etc) and decorate the outside with pictures of their great person. On the inside, they collect items that relate to their great person. Example: Presidents could include an American flag, a picture of the USA, capital building, white house and something significant they contributed to the world. If you are having problems coming up with items, just send me an email and I will help with ideas!

Valentine’s Day Breakfast
Tuesday, Feb. 14 your child is inviting to have one guest come in to celebrate and serve them breakfast. We only have room for ONE adult per child as seating is limited in our tiny classroom! We will have a math activity and play friendship bingo while we are serving you your breakfast! Come in, sit down, and be ready to be served by your child! We will open Valentine’s later in the day after all of the adults have left. Thank you in advance for all of the parents who are helping get this day ready!

Angie Wise

Wise Owls Newsletter Jan. 30, 2017


Hi parents,

The students did a great job on their MAPS testing on Math today! They are so much more confident than in the fall! Of course, there were some things on the test that we have not covered yet as we do still have 5 more months of school! But, they persevere and do not give up! Way to go kids! We will take a break tomorrow and do the Reading MAPS test on the computer on Wednesday. If for some reason your child is absent, they do make up the test, which can be a bit difficult for them so try your best to be here on Wednesday! Sending in lots of healthy snacks, resting lots the night before and drinking lots of water all help with the test. Way to go Second Graders!

Reminder to bring in your shoe box for us to decorate for Valentine’s day! Send this in this week! A lists of children’s names are attached. We will have Valentine’s come in on Monday, Feb. 13th. On the 14th, your child should have their special guest here with them to serve breakfast to and do a few fun Valentine activities.

This Friday, Feb. 3, we go to see the play Fly Guy in Portland. Remember to bring a packed lunch with snacks!

In Spelling this week, it is Week 10. The 5 main words are “does, pick, our, each and would”. Please practice writing them on paper as well as on spelling city. There are 5 more word family words that you will learn on spelling city. For those that want a challenge, do the Week 10 challenge words! Remember we will take the test at school. A copy of last week’s test was sent home today.

In math, we are continuing to work on place value (m) and adding two and three digit numbers (G and I). If kids know that there is 9 tens in 97 and 7 ones then they can easily add 97 + 85. 90 plus 80 is 170 and 7 ones + 5 ones is 12. 170 + 12=182. Get it? I broke down the tens and ones and then added those up. That is place value…understanding WHY and HOW you get those numbers before carrying and borrowing. Of course, kids will learn how to do that as well, but first, place value. Questions? Please email, call or stop by!

Have a great week!



Wise Owls Newsletter Jan. 23, 2017

owl on branch
HI everyone!
We have an update on our Fieldtrip to see Fly Guy! It is next Friday, Feb. 3 leaving at 8:45. I look forward to finally getting to see this fun play! I have these 5 parents who had signed up for chaperoning, but I wanted to make sure you were still able to go…if not, please email me! (Parents going are parents of: Charlie Myers, Kieren Burt, Nolan Ellis, Ryan Yip and Rowan Rankin. Thank you chaperones!

Great People Research and Homework:
Attached is the great people research paper I sent home last week attached to an article on your child’s great person they chose to research further. Please help them read it and highlight it. We DID do this in school today so you should be quite impressed with what your child knows! Some of your children are still not sure why their person is great or why…it takes a village, so please help them! I’ve also attached (and will send home a hard copy too) of a “speech bubble” I would like your child to fill out and return. This way, they definitely know why their great person is GREAT! This is the bulk of our homework this week. In spelling, we are on Week 9 in Spelling city with our 5 main word wall words of: here, any, another, around, and away. Of course, there are 5 other words on the list for you to learn but these are the “no excuse” words. On IXL, please continue to work on “A, B, C, D, E, G, M, Q, T, U.” Again, you can tell what your child has worked on by looking at each strand and seeing if there is a medal by it. They must log in to IXL to see this! If you need your password, please email me! We will do our state wide “MAPS” testing next week and all of these strands will be on it.

Remember to send in your extra shoe boxes for us to decorate for Valentine’s day!

Thank you!

Wise Owls Newsletter January 4, 2017

two owls on branch

The Wise Owls Newsletter

January 4, 2017

Dear Families,

Happy New Year! I can’t believe it is 2017. I am really looking forward to a wonderful year in ’17! I hope you have enjoyed the past few weeks with your friends and families. I know I have!


I am so grateful for all of the help we have received this year. As we get back into the swing of things, please check the schedule that I will send out tomorrow. If you can come in tomorrow afternoon from 12-2 for Art literacy, I know we need help!

Great People

As many of you know we will be beginning Great People this month. The next few weeks in class I will be introducing a number of Great People, through books, video clips, and short movies. Part of the homework this week and next will be to begin talking about Great People at home with your child. Go online and look at my blog and the section under “research” and the click on the blog titled ” Biographies for Kids” and “Word book-Important People”. Feel free to research on your own too! The biggest part of this will be narrowing down who your child wants to focus on for the next few months. I am asking that each child submit their top three choices by Thursday, January 12 and then I will assign them a person accordingly (this way we learn about a variety of Great People).

Homework: Spelling City and IXL

As we begin the second part of our second grade year, I will expect second graders to be accountable for their word work in Spelling city. This week’s, Week 8, 5 main word wall words are; their, were, where, don’t and through. There are 5 word family words on the regular Week 8 list as well. Of course, if your child wishes to work on the challenge words for week 8, then please have them do that! That would mean that your child is working on 20 words for the week! Wow! Great challenge to those families and children that want to do this in the New Year! Next week will be Week 9 in Spelling city. For those families that wish to write their words on paper some ideas are: Write your words 3 times each, put your words in alphabetical order, write your words in sentences or a small paragraph, etc. We play Word wall bingo, word wall concentration, rainbow write and each child has their very own “word wall” that they write their words on each week in their desk.

For IXL the next month, please focus on areas that you notice your child has not practiced. You can tell this by looking at the “medals” beside each Common Core Goal number in IXL, AFTER your child has logged in. We are reviewing all that we have touched on since September as we will be taking our district wide MAPS test later this month. Here is a run down of the IXL and Common Core Goals we have touched on: A (Counting and number Patterns, B (Comparing and Ordering Numbers), C (Names of Numbers), D (Patterns), E (Addition, One-Digit), G (Addition, Two-Digit), M (Place Value), Q (Time), T (Two-Dimensional Shapes), U (Three-D Shapes), W (Fractions). It is up to you, your child, and your family how much extra Math IXL time you want. Also, if you and your child want extra “paper work” please let me know and I will show your child where they can get it in the classroom.

Looking forward to a great 2017!


Angie Wise2nd Grade Teacher,
Stafford Primary School

Wise Owls Newsletter Dec. 12, 2016

two owls on branch

Hi Parents and Students!

I hope all of you are well as we go into the last week of school before December break! What a fun time of year with many celebrations and traditions! Please have conversations with your child about a tradition they will be telling us in class and help them begin to understand “story telling”.

Since we missed two days of school last week, we will continue Week 7 in spelling city. The 5 sight words or word wall words are: really, dear, who, brother and sister. The children should know how to spell these words as well as read them individually and in books that have them in it. Please help them practice these words while driving, while eating and anytime you have a minute to talk with your child!

In math, we have been reviewing telling time to the hour and half hour, geometry and shapes, adding two digit numbers using place value (tens and ones), reading and solving story problems using place value (not just counting by ones), counting by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s as far as we can (1000 is the goal for second graders) and reviewing money (adding and knowing the value of all coins). You can help your child with all of these by quizzing them at table discussions and in the car while driving! You can also do extra practice on IXL on these ” T, U” (Geometry)” M” (Adding 2 digit numbers). Please add on “A” which is counting skills and “Q” which is telling time.

We have been studying the flags of the world as we learn about our own ancestors and where they are from. On my blog, under “Geography”, there is a sight called “country flags” that the children are using to find the flags of their heritage. You may want to go onto this sight with them to explore!

Also, on my blog, on the bottom right under “World Outreach”, is a sight called “free rice”. For every answer that is correctly answered, food will be donated to the World Hunger Program. Please check it out!


Ms. Wise

Wise Owls Newsletter Nov. 29, 2016


Hi all!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving week! Your children came back bright and cheery today. They really make my day, week, month and year!

Monday, a permission slip came home for our field trip to Newmark Theater to see Fly Guy in January. Newmark Theater needs an exact count of who is going by this Friday, Dec. 2. Please send in the permission slip and money by this Friday, Dec. 2 along with if you are going as well. I can take as many parents as sign up, I just need an exact number! It is $7.50 for both the child and adult. Thank you!

This week we are taking a closer look at what it means to be a family. As a homework assignment I am asking students to sit with you and listen to the story of how they got their name, to find out where their ancestors come from, and to select a family tradition to describe to the class. The homework copy that is in your child’s backpack is a first draft. We will doing a final draft in class.

Our goal is to be able to retell these family stories to others in the oral story telling tradition. In class, each student will create a set of Family Story Beads and they will be practicing their stories with each other as they learn them from you. I have encouraged them to use details to bring their stories to life, at the same time that I do want them to be concise. Some students may want to write more than the space I have left them which is fine.

We are continuing our work in geometry with quadrilaterals and rectangular arrays (horizontal and vertical rows), as well as dividing shapes into halves, thirds and fourths. This is IXL “t” and “u”. Your child can continue to practice place value “m” on IXL as well as this will help with adding two digit numbers, which is what we have been learning as well.

I was happy to hear all the wonderful stories of Thanksgiving celebrations and other holiday preparations! You children clearly know and understand how much they are loved by you and all the wonderful things you do for them. It is such a joy to see the stability your love and commitment provides them.

Angie Wise

Wise Owls Newsletter Nov. 14, 2016

Wise Owl

Hi parents!

This week, I need every child to bring in a picture of their family. Make sure all the family members are on the picture as we will be drawing each of you! Send this in as soon as you can!

Also, remember, this is Week 5 on spelling. The sight words are: into, first, little, many and just. We practice these daily in class as well as have them up on our class word wall. Check out the other 5 words on the Spelling City sight and do the challenge words if you so desire!

We are continuing our geometry unit focusing on quadrilaterals, polygons and dividing shapes into halves, thirds, and fourths. This is “t” and “u” on IXL. We are also describing the shapes based on their attributes. Please ask your child to describe a shape to you! Of course, you can continue to practice addition practice with one and two digit numbers too if you finish t and u.

What a great field trip on Monday to our local community! Ask your child what they saw and learned at the orthodontics, the library, market of choice and the bank. On Wednesday, we go to the old part of West Linn to visit 4 family businesses from West Linn. If you would like to go, please meet us in the classroom by 9:30 AM on Wednesday. We should be back by 12:15. Please let me know if you can come! And thank you for the parent helpers that came with us today!

Tuesday, we have the firemen and fire truck from TVFR come in to visit and talk to us about fire safety. Ask your children what they saw and learned! On Thursday, we have the police visiting from West Linn to teach us about what they do in our community. All of this makes for a great conversation at the dinner table!

Thank you and looking forward to a great week prior to Thanksgiving with a wonderful group of second graders!


Angie Wise