Twenty Yawns


This week we are reading the book Twenty Yawns by Jane Smiley, illustrated by Lauren Castillo. We all love the feeling of settling into bed and relaxing before falling asleep. The main character in the story sleeps with her special stuffed animals. We all have personal connections, or schema, with our bedtime routines that help us relax our bodies and our minds. Leave us a sticky note on our Padlet and let us know how you relax and get to sleep. Click on the + sign to add your note. If you have trouble doing this, click on this link to get to the Padlet website: Twenty Yawns

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We have learned that there are also different ways of relaxing our bodies and our minds at school. We practice mindfulness technics throughout our day to help us refocus ourselves and be better learners. We use deep breathing, cross-lateral moves, positive affirmations, positive thinking (3-Good-Things), gratitude sharing, and gratitude letters.

What do you do to help you relax and fall asleep?

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Geology Rocks!


We have been learning all about rocks and minerals as we begin our study of Geology. We enjoyed the field trip to the Rice Rock Museum last week to see the wonderful collection of rocks. This museum is one of the biggest in the Pacific Northwest. Enjoy watching this video our class made a few years ago. Read the captions as a way to review our learning.

What did you enjoy most at the Rice Rock Museum?

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The Reader


This week we are looking at the book The Reader written by Amy Hest and illustrated by Lauren Castillo. We are excited to do this together each week with our Global Read Aloud friends. Here we are during our Skype call with Mrs. Debertin’s class from Centreville, New Brunswick, Canada.


The main character in the story finds a very special place to enjoy reading a favorite book. The main idea is clear: There is a joy in reading and finding a book that you make a personal connection with.

Let’s share our personal connections with the joy of reading our own favorite books. Here’s our list! Share your thoughts with us on our Padlet below. If you have problems writing on the Padlet here, click on this link:

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What is your favorite book or book series?

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Our Community: The Peace Project 2016

Students from Ipyana School, Tanzania

Students from Ipyana School, Tanzania







In second grade we learn that communities work together to fulfill their wants and needs. They work together not only to help their local community, but also the world community.

This year the second graders at Stafford Primary School and Trillium Creek School are excited to join together in a community project. We are neighboring schools, so we often see each other in our neighborhood, at the store, and on the soccer field. This year we want to work together to bring more peace to our world.

Trillium Creek School

Trillium Creek School

How do we do this? We start by strengthening our friendships. So, our second grade classes are going to work as one big team to bring positive change to the world. We want to bring joy to students just like us in another part of the world: Tanzania!

Stafford Primary School

Stafford Primary School

There is a local community organization here called Africa Bridge that helps orphaned children in Tanzania find loving families, get the food they need and help them go to school. We want to share love and friendship with these children through the gift of words. We are inviting each second grader at Trillium and Stafford to make a Flat Stanley or Flat Stella and write a message of love and friendship on the back to send to a child in a village in Tanzania. The staff at Africa Bridge will take our friendship letters with them at the end of October.

Barry Childs, Africa Bridge

Barry Childs, Africa Bridge

This is a simple act of kindness that can have a huge impact. We are showing the children in Tanzania that we are thinking of them and we care. That’s what friends do. The more friendships we make and the more bridges we build between countries, the more peace we bring to our world. Let’s do it! STAFFORD AND TRILLIUM ARE A TEAM!

We want to share our idea with others as a part of The Student Blogging Challenge’s Blog Action Day 2016 (#BAD2016) (#16stubc). You can read more about connection with Africa Bridge, and see a video we made for one of our projects on our Africa Bridge page.

Let’s work together to create a more peaceful world one friend at a time!

Jambo Rafiki from Jody Amri on Vimeo.

Your Second Grade Teachers,

Mrs. Amri, Ms. Hainley, Mrs. Wise, Mrs. Alexander, Mrs. Almon,, Mrs. Johnston, Mrs. Teel

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The Trouble Maker by Lauren Castillo


This week we are joining our Global Read Aloud friends in reading Lauren Castillo’s The Trouble Maker. In the story the boy meets up with a raccoon while playing in his backyard. Add your thoughts to our Padlet.

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If you have trouble adding to the Padlet, click on this live link to go to the Padlet website:  The Trouble Maker


We enjoyed meeting up with our friends from Mrs. Cuthbertson’s class in Kannapolis, North Carolina last week. We are learning the importance of communication and collaboration with others. It is a small world when connect through Skype in the classroom.

This week we will connect with Mrs. Debertin’s class in Centreville, New Brunswick, Canada to share our learning from The Trouble Maker. They are in the Atlantic Standard Time Zone (AST) which is 4 hours ahead of us. It is fun to learn about the time zone differences. Watch this NASA video that explains time zones:

YouTube Preview Image

We learned that Oregon is in the Pacific Standard Time Zone (PST).


Who is the trouble maker in our story this week?

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Nana In The City: Let’s Share Our Thinking

Our Global Read Aloud friends in North Carolina came up with this great Padlet to talk about the problem in the story Nana in the City by Lauren Castillo. As readers we know that we are always thinking about story elements: Setting, Main Characters, Problem or Main Events and Solution or Ending.

We say thank you to Mrs. Cuthbertson’s Class for inviting us to share our thinking on their Padlet!

Who do you share an opinion with?

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The Global Read Aloud 2016


We are excited to connect with other classrooms around the USA to share our love of reading great books in The Global Read Aloud 2016. This year we are reading the books by the author and illustrator Lauren Castillo. Last year she was honored as a Caldecott Award winner for her book Nana in the City. We are reading that book as well as The Trouble Maker, The Reader, Yard Sale, Twenty Yawns and City Cat. 

We want to welcome our partner classes to our blog and invite you to leave us a comment whenever you can:

  • Mrs. Cuthbertson’s Class from North Carolina
  • Mrs. Debertin’s Class from New Brunswick, Canada
  • Mrs. Orloff’s Class from Illinois
  • Mrs. Schultz/Mrs. Petruzzi’s Class from New Jersey

We write posts each Monday which end with a question for you to answer. We hope you can visit out blog and leave us a comment. We are also connecting with other schools as a part of

The Student Blogging Challenge


We welcome all of visitors to leave us a comment. You matter. We look forward to hearing from you.

Where are you from?

Do you live in an urban, suburban or rural location?

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Whoever You Are


We learned that peace begins with each one of us sharing acts of kindness with our friends, our family and the world. We also learned that peace spreads when we focus on all the things we have in common: our joys and our sorrows, and our hopes and dreams for a bright future. This is the big idea or the main idea in a book by Mem Fox called Whoever You Are.

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

In reading we are learning to find different sources that support our thinking. We found two videos, digital stories, that also supports this idea that peace spreads when we focus on the things we have in common. The videos communicate the idea that all around the world people share the same joy of music and dance, laughter and love.  It is very creative way to share this message. Nice “green hat thinking” Mr. Harding! (video creator). Let’s look closely at how we are the same and not so different. Please leave us a comment below and answer these questions.

What did you like about the videos?

What did you like about the book?

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Peace Begin With Me


Today is The International Day of Peace. People all around the world are stopping to remind themselves that we are just one world, and we should all live together in peace.

YouTube Preview Image

We also want to remind ourselves that every act of kindness is a seedling of peace that we can plant today and everyday. We learned that “peace is not something you wish for, it is something you make, something you do, something you are, something you give away” (Robert Fulgham). We want to share this message with others today by practicing acts of kindness at school and at home.

YouTube Preview Image

We know that the path to peace is building friendships with others, no matter how different they may seem. We want to reach out to others in friendship and love and make peace happen. We have been skyping with schools around the world over the past weeks to share our learning with them, and to show them we care about them wherever they are. Today we decided to reach out to students in Tanzania to show them we are thinking about them and care about them, too! Africa Bridge has connected us with village schools there. Over the next weeks we will make them little Happy Notes with words of love. Will you join us?

What does peace mean to you?

What act of kindness did you do today to spread peace?

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Let’s Go Paddling with Padlet!


Building new friendships has to be the greatest thing about coming back to school. We took time to share about summer break and the fun we all had, and of course, we had to share some other important details about ourselves. Here is our first Padlet, an online sticky note pad, where we recorded our names and all of our favorite foods. Can you remember everyone’s name and their favorite food? If not, you can always find it on our Padlet.

Let’s challenge our parents to paddle along with us and add their names and favorite foods, too! Learning new things together is so exciting. Thank you for joining us in our adventures, parents, and welcome to The Crew!

Please leave us a comment below and answer our question.

Do you like using Padlet?

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