Peace Begin With Me


Today is The International Day of Peace. People all around the world are stopping to remind themselves that we are just one world, and we should all live together in peace.

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We also want to remind ourselves that every act of kindness is a seedling of peace that we can plant today and everyday. We learned that “peace is not something you wish for, it is something you make, something you do, something you are, something you give away” (Robert Fulgham). We want to share this message with others today by practicing acts of kindness at school and at home.

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We know that the path to peace is building friendships with others, no matter how different they may seem. We want to reach out to others in friendship and love and make peace happen. We have been skyping with schools around the world over the past weeks to share our learning with them, and to show them we care about them wherever they are. Today we decided to reach out to students in Tanzania to show them we are thinking about them and care about them, too! Africa Bridge has connected us with village schools there. Over the next weeks we will make them little Happy Notes with words of love. Will you join us?

What does peace mean to you?

What act of kindness did you do today to spread peace?

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Let’s Go Paddling with Padlet!


Building new friendships has to be the greatest thing about coming back to school. We took time to share about summer break and the fun we all had, and of course, we had to share some other important details about ourselves. Here is our first Padlet, an online sticky note pad, where we recorded our names and all of our favorite foods. Can you remember everyone’s name and their favorite food? If not, you can always find it on our Padlet.

Let’s challenge our parents to paddle along with us and add their names and favorite foods, too! Learning new things together is so exciting. Thank you for joining us in our adventures, parents, and welcome to The Crew!

Please leave us a comment below and answer our question.

Do you like using Padlet?

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International Dot Day

International Dot Day is celebrated each year on September 15th. The event celebrates global connections, self-discovery, and “making your mark“. The idea of making your mark comes from The Dot by Peter Reynolds and this year around 3.5 million people of all ages will make their mark and see where it takes them this International Dot Day.

We are excited to make our first global connections on Skype, do a fun Dot Day Math activity, and create a watercolor art project. We are even making Dot Day Trading Cards to send to the classes we connect with. We will also be singing The Dot Song by Emily Arrow together with our 4th grade buddy class. Thank you to Matthew Winner, an amazing teacher librarian from Elkridge Maryland, who found these grade videos and shared them on his incredible blog.

The Bouncing Dot Official Music Video for The Dot Song from FableVision Learning on Vimeo.

Here are two other versions of the song with the songwriter herself.

The Dot Song LIVE:

The Dot Song motions guide:

The main ideas in the book encourage us to be courageous, be creative and be yourself. What a great, positive mindset to start off the school year. Thank you to the author, Peter Reynolds, for sharing his ideas with us as readers.  We hope you will celebrate along with us. Happy International Dot Day everyone! Please leave us a comment below.

Have you read The Dot?

Do you like to eat Dots?

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