A Last Laugh


During our study of ecosystems we were excited to find these great short animated videos that answered this important question: What if animals were round?

As we studied different animals in ecosystems we found these videos to be a nice way to share a little laughter about a topic that is normally serious. It was a great way to end a research presentation. Thanks to the members of The Crew who found these for us!

This year we learned that laughter is an important tool for creating happiness. We hope everyone enjoys a little laughter as you watch these together with a family member or a friend. Let the laughter begin!

Happy Summer Break!

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Congratulations to The Crew 2017!

The Crew 2017 on PhotoPeach

You have really grown this year, and I am so proud of you. You put so much effort into your learning, into building your friendships and into becoming a world citizen. I have two slideshows for you to celebrate our last two days in second grade. The first one is celebrating our friendships, and the other is me celebrating YOU! The unique and amazing you!

You’ll Be In My Heart on PhotoPeach

I will always look back on all of our creative times together, when we got a glimpse of how learning takes you to a new place and inspires you when you least expected it. Thank you for being such an important part of my life here at Stafford. You may move on to third grade, but you will always be in my heart! Always remember:

You matter!

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A Padlet for you!

Made with Padlet


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Ecosystem Museum

We celebrated the end of our ecosystem research with our Ecosystem Museum last Friday.

Second graders enjoyed sharing their learning with parents, and other classes as they brought their animals to life speaking in first person.

What fun it was to share in the learning in this way. We are proud of all of our animal friends, and we appreciate their efforts to share their learning with our entire community!

Which animals and ecosystems did you enjoy learning about most?


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Game Day 2017

We enjoyed our first annual Game Day to kick off our STEM Week (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) activities that go on all this week. We invited Ms. Hainley’s class to play our games with us and share in the fun.

We all enjoyed the creativity of each game and loved meeting the game creators who showed us how to play. It was fun to see what materials they used and hear how they made them.

Here’s to the game creators!

Hip, Hip Hooray!

Monday we have an assembly to kick off the week’s events. Tuesday we will have a presentation by a group of women engineers, Thursday is STEM Night where we will have a Lego Robotics exhibit and will see other class exhibits and activities. Each day at recess we will have STEM activities to explore. It will be a week packed with hands-on learning.

What did you enjoy most about Game Day?

What did you enjoy about STEM Week?

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