Congratulations Crew!

We are excited to have worked hard in spelling, math and science over the past weeks in preparation for the World Education GamesWorld Spelling Day went so well.  As a class we spelled over 3,625 works correctly!  We are Super Spellers!  We definitely proved one of our sayings: “Practice Makes Better.

Our school experienced some computer problems on event day for math and science which was unfortunate (I think there is a great book series about unfortunate events, by the way).  But all was not lost! For one, we did incredible team problem solving together and ruled out that it had anything to do with us on our side.  The district technology specialists gave our students quite the compliment for their ability to do this, by the way: no small accomplishment in its own right.  Next year we will benefit from knowing the problems that occurred.  So, yay for gliches!  They also help us learn.

There was a bigger lesson we learned through these weeks of training for the games.  We learned that when we challenge ourselves it can help strengthen our ability to focus, increase our accuracy in the work we are doing, and something very important, we feel a great sense of pride and accomplishment in our work.  Our work takes on a greater meaning.  So much learning taking place here!  Yikes.  We are bursting with it!

So, congratultions Crew!  We even added more to our crew by sharing our excitement about the World Education Games with Mrs. Fordyce’s class, and they, too, competed alongside us.  What a great feeling to know we are sharing our learning with our friends and they are supporting us too!  Check out our new Stafford Second Grade Wiki.  We are now sharing our learning across the whole grade level!  Go Team Go!

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