Snow Day!

School is closed? Seriously? I am sitting here waiting for you. I thought it would be a 2 hour delay. I changed your desks. I’m looking out my window, but no. I hear you are not coming, because it is now an official snow day!

Well, as we learned from our difficulties around the World Math Day, “If you have a lemon, make lemonade!”.

We learned that this means when something does not go quite the way you thought it would, and in fact, seems a bit annoying or disappointing, there is always a way to turn things around and make something positive from it. We have learned this from our discussions around positive education and how to be empowered in making yourself happy.

So, I thought to myself, “No students in my classroom because of snow? No learning together today? No excitement? No laughing? No! Not acceptable! So, here is a little challenge for you. Who will rise to it? Will it be you?  So, here we go!  The first Flat Stanley adventure of the day:

 Flat Stanley was surprised to wake up and see snow outside.  “How many inches did it snow last night?” Stanley said to his new friend, Flat Jaqueline . “Let’s go outside and measure it, Stanley!” replied Stella.  Stella had just arrived from Langeoog, Germany and was excited to finally meet Flat Stanley in Mrs. Amri’s class. Stanley grabbed his ruler and ran outside with Stella to measure it. Stanley held up his ruler and called out, “It snowed 3 inches in standard measurement! Wahoo!” Stella replied, “That is about 8 centimeters in the metric system, Stanley.  That is how we measure length in Germany.”  Stanley knew he and Stella would make a great snowman with that much snow on the ground and they got to work building the best snowman ever.

How much did it snow outside your house? Can you tell me in inches?  Can you convert that to centimeters? Can you write a Flat Stanley adventure to share with the class tomorrow? Can you? Will you? This is your challenge!

And what arrived in the mail yesterday? Can you guess?

Yay! It is Mrs. Schicke’s Flat Students!  Stanley is sitting in the reading chair with his new friends, Flat Emilia and Flat Finn.  “What book should we read, friends?” asked Stanley. “Hmm?”


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