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We Are Stafford

We have just finished creating our “handshake“, as it is called, for our Flat Classroom Project: A Week In The Life.  Last week we worked hard to put together this first project using iMovie.  We have been taking pictures and videos … Continue reading

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Meet Mrs. Schicke’s Class!

  We really enjoyed celebrating our friendship last Friday with Mrs. Schicke’s Class, from Inselschule in Langeoog Germany  by creating  International Crazy Sock Day. They took some great pictures of themselves and their fun socks and posted them on our wiki called We … Continue reading

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Are You Awake?

Well, are you awake?  When you are please answer the questions at the bottom of the post by writing the answer as a comment.  If we want to try to communicate with our friends in Germany and England before they … Continue reading

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Bridge Building Bonanza

In our ongoing study of The City of Portland we are now looking more closely at the many beautiful Portland Bridges over the Willamette River.  We found some great information online, which led us to exploring the World’s Most Famous Bridges … Continue reading

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International Crazy Sock Day Celebration

We have received our first challenge from our friends at Inselschule in Germany, Mrs. Schicke’s Class.  She and I skyped with each other on the on the weekend and it was so great to reconnect with her.  Mrs. Schicke also … Continue reading

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