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Khan Academy: Pictographs and Bar Graphs

Reading Pictographs: u08_l1_t1_we1 Reading Pictographs We have been working with pictographs and bar graphs in class to talk about data and data analysis. Graphs are great tools for math discourse.  We have been practicing in class and enjoy our math … Continue reading

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Khan Academy: Multiplication

Basic Multiplication: Introduction to multiplication We learned that knowing your  multiples can be very helpful with addition.  We are even more excited to realize that when we know our multiples, multiplication becomes quite easy as well.  Here is another Khan … Continue reading

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The Transportation Team

Meet the Transportation group.  They are discussing the different ways students around the world get to school and get around their towns and cities.  Nevin, Ross and Ben our Stafford representatives for our Flat Classroom: A Day in the Life Project.

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