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Khan Academy: Pictographs and Bar Graphs

Reading Pictographs: u08_l1_t1_we1 Reading Pictographs We have been working with pictographs and bar graphs in class to talk about data and data analysis. Graphs are great tools for math discourse.  We have been practicing in class and enjoy our math … Continue reading

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Khan Academy: Multiplication

Basic Multiplication: Introduction to multiplication We learned that knowing your  multiples can be very helpful with addition.  We are even more excited to realize that when we know our multiples, multiplication becomes quite easy as well.  Here is another Khan … Continue reading

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The Transportation Team

Meet the Transportation group.  They are discussing the different ways students around the world get to school and get around their towns and cities.  Nevin, Ross and Ben our Stafford representatives for our Flat Classroom: A Day in the Life Project.

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The Celebrations Team

Charley and Michael are exploring the topic of celebrations.  They will be discussing with their team the different celebrations around the world and looking at what we have in common.

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The Clothing Team

Caroline, Celeste and Victoria are doing our research around clothing.  Our geography in Oregon definitely affects the choices we make for what to wear to school each day.  We are interested to find out what other students wear in different … Continue reading

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Meet the Leisure Time Group

The Leisure Time group is discussing the activities they do outside of school. They are looking at the similarities and differences with their teammates from other states an Meet Alison, Cooper and Matea!

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Our Housing Team

Kai and Owen are representing us on the housing teams.  They are sharing about the types of homes we have here, and looking at how geography affects they way we build our homes in Oregon.  

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School Time Around the World

Our School Time research group is Lila, William and Jenna. They are comparing how school days are similar and different around the world. They are interested to find out what other students are studying at their schools.   

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The Language Group

Kyra, Emily and Kira are part of the language group. They have been sharing with their teams on their topic, and we are proud of them as our Stafford representatives.   

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Meet Our Next Learning Group: Environment

Caden, Braxton and Arthur are our environment group.  They have written out their ideas, shared them with each other and are now each individually sharing their ideas with their Edmodo groups.  We have only one Stafford representative on each of … Continue reading

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Our Voki Classroom Says Hello

We will be posting our Vokis on Edmodo this week for our “A Week in the Life” groups. We have enjoyed listening to their Vokis and have risen to the challenge to create them ourselves.  We will be adding our … Continue reading

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