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A Song for Mrs. Sloan’s Class

Hi Mrs. Sloan’s Class, We are excited to be able to continue our friendship with you over the summer.  Our letters will be sent out today (2 day delivery).  Thank you Mrs. Sloan for making sure they get to you. … Continue reading

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Jason Learning: STEM Education

What do you want to do when you grow up?   We ask ourselves that question all the time.  Over the past two weeks we have had the opportunity to participate in live, online discussions with people who want to … Continue reading

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Engineering and Technology

We began our Engineering unit last Friday by supporting our kindergarten buddies with a fun building project.  What do we know so far? We know that engineers use their knowledge of science, math and creativity to design objects, systems or … Continue reading

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What is Friendship?

We have been working all year on building and expanding our friendships: with our classmates at our table groups, on the playground with lunch buddies, with friends from other classes, and even with students from other schools around the world. … Continue reading

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The Power of Friendship

We were excited to receive our pen pal letters from Mrs. Sloan’s class in Jewell, Iowa and immediately got busy writing back our responses.  We practiced our word processing skills by writing our letters and adding a picture from Oregon. … Continue reading

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Family Storybirds

Here are a few of our collaborative Storybirds that we made with our friends and family members.  Sharing is a value that helps to strengthen relationships with others in our lives and create meaning in our lives. Collaborative writing, or shared … Continue reading

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