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Happy Friendship Day

Friendship from Jody Amri on Vimeo. This Friday, November 1st we want to celebrate friendship. In particular we want to express our feelings of friendship to our Quadblogging Buddies in England and Canada: Mrs. Badge’s Class (Modigliani Class) Mr. Castle’s … Continue reading

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The Life Cycle of Salmon

We are in the midst of our study of the life cycle of salmon and the spirit of inquiry in the classroom is inspiring.  Students are asking questions, reading books, and exploring websites online. We  have learned how important it is in the research process to … Continue reading

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Say Hello to our Language Team: Hallo, Hola, Ni hao, Hi!

Here is Ariana, Will and Lulu: The Language Team. They are exploring the different languages we speak at home and at school. They want to find out which foreign languages are taught at schools around the world. How are languages … Continue reading

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Meet The Housing Team

Our next group is the Housing Team: Anika and Charlie.  They are discussing different types of houses here in Oregon and will be comparing and contrasting them with the homes of others.  We all need shelter, but it looks different … Continue reading

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Here is Our Clothing Team

Meet the Clothing Team: Tate, Nico and Jacob. They will be looking at the similarities and differences in the clothes of students around the world. How does geography affect what we wear? We will find out from our Clothing Team … Continue reading

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