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Kids for Peace

Over the last two weeks we have noticed how much we have enjoyed following the success of not only our US Olympic Team . . .   . . . but also that of the Canadian Team. This  comes not only from … Continue reading

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Sending Out Love to My Crew

Yesterday we listened to Kid President talk about “20 Things We Should Say More Often”. He challenges us to be thoughtful each day to do what we can to “end global sadness” by saying things to make others feel happy … Continue reading

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Mrs. Amri’s Crew Wins Gold!

Sledding is fun Sledding is done Inside we go For some hot cocoa. Snowfall measurement: 4 inches Spoiler alert: The following students won gold medals in the early round for participation in The Snow Day Challenge: Kaia, Will, Tate, Stella, … Continue reading

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Olympic Values: Friendship, Respect, Excellence

What a nice coincidence that Oregon got it first, big, winter snow storm on the first day of competition for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia this last week. It definitely helps us get our minds focused on the winter sports … Continue reading

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Snow Day Challenge

Life is good Life is sweet But when snow comes it’s such a treat Snowfall Measurement: almost 8 inches (might have been a drift) Oh ya! It’s a snow day tomorrow. Today we had an early release from school in … Continue reading

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Collaborative Storywriting

Take a look at some of the great imaginative story writing we worked on with our family and friends this week on Storybird. We will post a few each week for everyone to enjoy.   Your imaginations are really taking … Continue reading

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