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International Dot Day

We heard that all around the world students are celebrating International Dot Day. It apparently happens around September “15th ish” and continues throughout the month of September.  Yes, “ish” is an actual suffix that is used by the author, Peter H. … Continue reading

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Our First Mystery Skype: British Columbia, Canada

We took part in our first Mystery Skype on Friday.  Mystery Skype is a fun way to learn geography and critical thinking skills, but also a great way to make global connections with classes around the world who want to connect to share their … Continue reading

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Watermelon Day

This week we say goodbye to the season of Summer, and welcome the season of Fall which began on Sunday, September 21st.  Today we are reflecting on the wonderful events of Summer.  One of those events is enjoying the sweet … Continue reading

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It’s a Book

We have been very busy learning how we will be reading and writing through blogging. We are a participating in a global collaboration project called The Student Blogging Challenge in which students and classes from around the world are joining together to work on improving their writing through blogging. … Continue reading

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On The Road with Mrs. Amri

We have had a great first week of school.  We learned each other’s names, talked about our favorite things, shared some special facts about ourselves, graphed our birthdays during math, learned some new songs, reviewed our reading strategies, and today … Continue reading

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Welcome to The Crew!

It is here at last.  The first day of school! There is so much excitement in the air.  Sleeping was difficult for me last night as I was thinking about our first day.  I have so many memories and schema … Continue reading

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