Greetings From The Crew

Greetings from Mrs. Amri’s Class! We call ourselves The Crew. We are excited to be part of the Student Blogging Challenge 2015.  We have been working hard this year to learn how to use blogging for learning.  We are looking forward to visiting other blogs and learning from each other. We are looking forward to building friendships. Meet a few members of The Crew. These are their Voki avatars.

We are learning how to use an avatar program to create a likeness of ourselves to use as a tool to present our writing. It is a creative way to take a piece of writing and make it come alive.  They are a great tool to use for revision, as they are a fun way to revisit your writing and make it better.

We wanted to have a sample of narrative writing and thought this would be a great way to make our writing on the topic “All About Me” come alive. We also think they are a great way to make someone smile.

Can you think of another way to use an avatar?

They make you smile, don’t they?


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