The Crew in Room 22

We love our school here at Stafford Primary. I have an incredible Crew here in room 22, and I am very proud of them as their teacher. Here is our next group of avatar introductions! We really enjoyed creating them.

What are  your favorite subjects and free time activities?

What things do you have in common with each other?

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One Response to The Crew in Room 22

  1. Mrs. Essenburg's Third Grade Class says:

    Hello Mrs. Amri’s Class,

    We enjoyed listening to your avatars. Some of my students, such as Claire, Jaelyn, and Sara Jean, noticed that they have something in common with Shirley. They like gymnastics too. Also, a number of students like golfing, just like Thomas. A lot of us like P.E. and computers, those are some of our favorite things. We love your vokis! We are just learning how to make vokis too.

    Mrs. Essenburg’s Third Grade Class

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