Ahoy There World! Here Comes The Crew!

Our last set of Voki avatars are ready to go. Thanks to all the classes doing The Student Blogging Challenge for being our audience. We are grateful to you for taking the time to read our blog and to leave comments. Blogging gives our learning even more meaning when we realize we have an authentic audience for our work.

We have worked hard to edit and revise our writing so it is clear and concise,  well organized, and shows good work choice. We have also had to pay close attention to the conventions with our avatars, as they do not stop talking if we forget our end punctuation. We also want to express gratitude to them (our Voki avatars) for helping teach us about the importance of punctuation in our writing. Thank you Voki!

Who do you have something in common with? Let us know!

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4 Responses to Ahoy There World! Here Comes The Crew!

  1. Miss Fraser & 3/4 Learning Lizards says:

    Hi Mrs Amri and The Crew,
    I love all of your Vokis! I think their speeches are very detailed. My class had a go at making Vokis the other day but we didn’t save them. We used different websites to create our avatars – you can see a video of them on our blog now: http://bit.ly/1aOL818
    Do you have access to computers all of the time? What’s the best thing about using technology to help you learn?
    From Miss Fraser (Learning Lizards)

    • admin says:

      Dear Miss Fraser and Learning Lizards,
      These are great avatars you have made. We have 12 Dell mini computers in our classroom. We think that there are some great websites that support our work in math, reading and writing and make learning fun and exciting. We enjoy finding ones to incorporate into our learning when we can.
      From, Mrs. Amri and The Crew

  2. Amber Moore says:

    Dear Mrs. Amri’s Class,

    I am very impressed with your vokis! I really like how clear the language is in each of them. I know it can be tricky if you miss any punctuation. I teach 3rd grade in Arizona, and recently my class shared vokis. You can see some of them on our class blog . Something I have in common with all of you is when I was your age, I lived in Oregon!

    Your new blogging friend,
    Mrs. Moore

    • admin says:

      Dear Mrs. Moore,
      Thank you for your comment and for visiting our blog. We will visit your class blog too next week. We will be posting for you then. That is interesting that you lived here in Oregon.
      From, Mrs. Amri and The Crew

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