We are beginning our study of ecosystems this week. What is an ecosystem? An ecosystem includes all of the living things (plants, animals and organisms) in a given area, interacting with each other, and also with their non-living environments (weather, earth, sun, soil, climate, atmosphere).
meaning of ecosystems

In an ecosystem, each organism has its’ own special role to play. We will use Scholastic Study Jams Science: Ecosystems to learn more about ecosystems. This is a great website to learn and review our learning in science. Click on the link above to watch the video and learn more!


This wonderful and funny video above was posted from Mrs. N-C and The Terrific Tuis from New Zealand who were part of the the Student Blogging Challenge 2014. They used this for a creative writing project to help them come up with strong descriptive sentences. It is hard not to laugh with the intense music playing, and the perfect camera shots of the main characters, Squirrel and Eagle, in their forest habitat. What a great way way to get inspired to write. Thanks for sharing your great idea, Terrific Tuis! We will try it out.

Mrs. N-C and The Terrific Tuis from New Zealand

As a part of the Student Blogging Challenge 2017 we are sharing our learning with others globally and are inspired by them to explore new ideas for integrating technology in the classroom. Check out all the great blogs we are following listed under Student Blogging Challenge 2017 on the right sidebar of our blog.

What did you enjoy about the video?

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16 Responses to Ecosystems

  1. Neve says:

    Dear Mrs. Amri,
    I really liked the video. It is very cute. That is a very smart squirrel.

    From: Neve

  2. Anonymous says:

    Dear Ms Amri,
    I liked the part we when the squirrel got away. The squirrel never gave up and got into the hole because he was so smart.

  3. Abe says:

    Dear Mrs Amri,
    The video about the squirrel and the hawk it was very funny. my favorite ecosystem is the ocean.
    From, Abe

  4. Emma Arakelian says:

    Dear Mrs. Amri,

    I enjoyed watching the squirrel jumping in slow motion. He was jumping for his life!!!

    From Emma

  5. Georgia says:

    Dear Mrs. Amri,
    I liked that the squirrel escaped the hawk. The squirrel was very good at timing his jumps.

    From, Georgia

  6. yush says:

    Dear Mrs. Amri,
    I the like video. I wanted the eagle to win but the squirrl got awya just in time befor the eagle coud cach it.

  7. Hollis Dickinson says:

    Dear Mrs Amri,
    I like the video! I still hope the hawk got food.
    From, Hollis

  8. Trevor says:

    Dear Mrs. Amri,

    I loved it when the squirrel made it in time in that hole in that tree.

    From, Trevor

  9. Chloe says:

    Dear Mrs. Amri,

    I enjoyed watching the squirrel escape the hawk. I think it was sad/funny.

    love,Chloe 🙂

  10. Amira says:

    Dear Mrs. Amri
    I like the video about the squirrel and the hawk. It was cute. I like the part when the squirrel went in slow mo jumping. It was funny. I liked watching that video about the squirrel and the hawk.

  11. Andrew says:

    I like when the squirrel jumped from a branch to another branch far away. Smart squrriel.

  12. Mrs Morgado says:

    Thanks for visiting our blog! We enjoyed searching your blog as well. We love skyping so if you are interested in learning more about Canada, we are currently working on finishing up some structures projects that we would love to share with you!

    • admin says:

      Dear Mrs. Morgado,
      Thank you for leaving us a comment. We would love to skype with you. We are going on Spring Break and will return on April 3rd. Could we skype the following week: April 10-14th? We are looking forward to getting to know more about Canada from you. Where are you in Canada?
      From, Mrs. Amri and The Crew

  13. kiera says:

    Dear Miss Amri,
    I love the whole thing.
    Love, Kiera

  14. Cooper says:

    Dear Mrs. Amri
    That scuirel is very smart. I liked the part where the hawk was chasing him. Have you guys finished ecosystems yet?
    From, Cooper

    • admin says:

      Dear Cooper,
      Thanks for adding to our Padlet! We all miss you. We will add your lunch card to our cold lunch basket every day. You have not left our classroom as far as we are concerned! We are excited to hear you are making good friends there. Thanks for connecting with us through a FaceTime call. We really enjoyed it.
      From, Mrs. Amri

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