Let’s Change the World!

How do we change the world? The world is changed by ordinary people just like us. One person filled with love starts to do something awesome for someone else and that love starts spreading. Let’s get to it!  We are using our reading skills to bring hope to our sister schools in Tanzania so they can go to school just like us. Watch this video some past Crew members made to inspire us do what we can.

How does it make you feel to know you have the power to change someone’s life?

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6 Responses to Let’s Change the World!

  1. Abe says:

    Dear Mrs. Amri,

    I really like the “just one world” video it is very touching video, the one with Kid president is very nice to because it shows that you can really make a change in
    the world by just one person filled with love and then it keeps on spreading to other people and soon it makes a change.

  2. Emma says:

    Dear Mrs. Amri,

    It makes me feel good to know that I am helping change someone’s life. I know that by helping someone else I am making a difference in the world. I really liked seeing the video that showed other crew members helping people in Tanzania just like me.

    From, Emma

  3. Trevor says:

    Dear Mrs. Amri,

    It would be kind of a disaster to have no food, fresh water, no home and no vaccine but it would be nice to help Africa Bridge.

    From, Trevor

  4. Anonymous says:

    Dear ms Amri
    I can change the world by saving my own money to get a goat for Africa bridge. On 4/17/17 I bought a book with my own money to read Dog Man Unleashed for Africa bridge. It makes me feel so happy😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😃😃😃😄😂😂😂😂😃😄😄😄💕💕💕💕😄
    From, Xander

  5. Andrew says:

    It makes me feel happy because it’s a simple act of kindness that can go a long way and can make someones day much better

  6. kiera says:

    Dear Miss Amri,
    I love the video. I feel really good about helping other children. I hope I can do it for a long time
    From, Kiera

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