Earth Day

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Saturday was Earth Day! In our research about ecosystems we have learned how everything and everyone is interconnected here on our planet Earth. We see how we are one world, and we must do what we can, where we can, to help to protect it. We hope you will add your name to our Padlet by clicking anywhere on the pad and tell us what you will do to protect our Earth. Help us protect our planet!

Watch the two Earth Day videos below to help you brainstorm what you can do. See how a young girl from Oregon has made a commitment to helping our Earth.

What will you do to protect the Earth?

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2 Responses to Earth Day

  1. Emma says:

    Dear Mrs. Amri,
    I will turn off lights and turn off the water when I am done using the faucet.
    From, Emma

  2. Georgia says:

    Dear Mrs. Amri,

    I really liked the Going Green song. I also enjoyed the story about the girl from Oregon. She showed us the importance of saving the environment. When you chop down too many trees the environment changes. That isn’t good for the animals. We need to protect the environment.


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