Hour of Code


Will you be one of tomorrow’s superheroes? As your teacher this year, I will bet on it. Amazing things are happening these days in the area of Computer Science.  Watch this video that introduces us to some important people who talk about the importance of kids like us learning computer code.

This week is Computer Science Education Week, and we are celebrating with others around the world “An Hour of Code“. Students all around the world will spend one hour learning the basics of computer programming. We will explore programming with tutorials throughout the week. The fun tutorials include Star Wars, Minecraft, Anna and Elsa and Lightbots!

Almost everything we do involves some sort of computer programming. Creating things through code may seem to be wizardry or involve superhero skills, but one thing is for sure. It can make a huge difference in the lives of people, and we can use these powers for good.  So, let’s get to it geniuses!

Our learning targets:

1. I can create something new using computer code

2. I will collaborate with others to learn a new language: “computer code”

3. I can use my critical thinking skills to use code to design and complete a project.

Haven’t we all wished we were superheroes? Here is our chance.

How many lines of code did you create today?

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4 Responses to Hour of Code

  1. Henry says:

    To Mrs. Amri,
    I wrote 9 lines of code.
    From Henry

  2. Lily says:

    Dear, Mrs. Amri,
    I do not know how many lines of code, but I completed a Hour of
    code. I learned how to make my own Star Wars game!
    from, Lily

  3. Jackson says:

    Dear Mrs Amri,
    I did five puzzles on hour of code. It was fun. It is fun to do computer programming.
    Love, Jackson

  4. Sarah says:

    Hi Mrs. Amri & class! My name is Sarah and I am commenting and blogging from B.C, Canada! I remember in grade 3, 5, 6 and 7 (I am currently in grade 7) I did hour of code, and it kick-started an interest in coding and game designing! Also, you can get an account on code.org and make skits with actors, items, and a whole bunch of other things. You also get (I think) more choices for hour of code. Anyway, cool post! If you have time, it would be awesome if you visited my blog at sarahzz19@edublogs.org. Have a great day!

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