The Quilt Maker’s Gift

Last week we read two books by the author Jeff Brumbeau: The Quilt Maker’s Gift and The Quilt Maker’s Journey. One of the central ideas is how important it is to have empathy for others. We have been learning about the importance of empathy in class and how we grow in our empathy toward others.

Listen to the story and leave a comment below to add to the conversation.

We discussed the importance of trying to help others in need whenever we can. As a school community, we are doing a Seats, Feets and Diaper Drive to give to children in need. Wednesday is the last day of the drive.

We hope that we, too, can do something like making a quilt for someone in need. Well, how about this Friday? Let’s make our own quilt to give to someone in need. We can do it at our Winter Celebration this Friday. Let’s do it!

Made with Padlet

What kinds of things have you made to give as gifts for family or friends?

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2 Responses to The Quilt Maker’s Gift

  1. Henry says:

    Dear Mrs Amri, I made cards for my friends and I gave candy to
    Reagan and to you
    From Henry

  2. Blake Press says:

    Dear Mrs. Amri,
    I think the central message is to help people in need and if you see someone poor if you have anything give something to them and it might make you feel happy.
    Blake Paul Press

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