Beauty in Diversity


Yesterday we celebrated the holiday, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Day. This week we will be looking at the idea of beauty in diversity and the power of our words.  Dr. King’s message was about the importance of diversity in our world.  His words remind us to look at a person on the inside.  He encourages us to judge a friend based on their character and not by how they look on the outside. He reminds us to look at the things we have in common: a belief in the good in all people, a hope for a bright future and a love for all. Listen to his story below:

His words also inspire us to work hard to bring about positive changes in the world through peaceful ways: through our words. Words can make people happy, they express our feelings, they can change lives, and they can inspire us. However, words also have the power to make people sad and to hurt feelings. Here are some ideas for us of things we should say more often:

We talk about friendships and how to be a good friend. We have talked about how each of us is unique and special. We have different tastes, different interests, and different opinions.  We are learning to see the good in each other and express our gratitude for those things. We are learning how to discuss our differences in a calm way. We are learning to listen well and listen respectfully to each other so we can expand our friendships.  We are learning to admit mistakes to our friends and say, “I’m sorry” when we have hurt their feelings. We are learning strategies to help us stop unkind actions.

These are not easy goals, but Stafford is a place where students are kind and caring and they work on their friendship skills.  Let’s commit ourselves to these goals in the new year. It’s a beautiful world.  Not only do we have the power to see this beauty around us each day, but we also have the power to help create it.

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Let’s work on expanding our friendships

this week!

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