We are beginning our study of ecosystems this week. What is an ecosystem? An ecosystem includes all of the living things like plants, animals and organisms in a given area that interact with each other, and also with non-living things like weather, sun, soil, and climate.
meaning of ecosystems

In an ecosystem, each organism has its’ own special role to play. Last week we used Scholastic Study Jams Science: Ecosystems to learn more about ecosystems. We are excited to continue our nonfiction reading and writing about the savanna, rainforest, desert, polar tundra, temperate forest, and ocean. This is a great website to review our learning in science. Click on the link above to review what we learned.

The video above was posted on a class blog by Mrs. N-C and The Terrific Tuis from New Zealand. The scene is from a forest habitat. It is hard not to laugh as you watch the main characters, Squirrel and Eagle lead their daily life in their forest habitat. Their class used this for a creative writing project to help them come up with strong descriptive sentences. What a great way to get inspired and learn about an ecosystem. Thanks for sharing your great idea with others on your class blog!

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What did you learn about the forest ecosystem from the video?

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8 Responses to Ecosystems

  1. Henry says:

    To Mrs Amri,

    The squirrel survived because he was clever,
    but the hawk failed!!!!!

    From, Henry

    • admin says:

      Dear Henry,
      Thanks for your comment. You noticed how squirrels have adapted to be able to run quickly, jump far and even fly in or order to escape their predators! This is a very funny and fun presentation of this process of prey and predator in the forest ecosystem.
      From, Mrs. Amri

  2. Jackson Smith says:

    Dear Mrs Amri,
    I learned that animals need food to live. Animals are good at climbing trees and get away from predators by climbing trees. What is your favorite animal in the forest?
    From, Jackson

    • admin says:

      Dear Jackson,
      Thanks for your comment. The food chain is actually quite interesting and helps us understand that each creature has to find food to survive. However, I still wanted to squirrel to get away! I am happy it did! Deer are my favorite animal. It so happens their habitat is the forest. I am happy we have so many deer here around us in Oregon. What is your favorite forest animal?
      From, Mrs. Amri

  3. Kevin says:

    Dear Mrs. Amri,
    I learned that there is a predator and prey relationship, everyone has to eat.

    • admin says:

      Dear Kevin,
      Thanks for your comment. You are so right! The food chain is a must for the survival of all animals. The video was a good example, but quite funny, too. I hope you enjoyed it!
      From, Mrs. Amri

  4. Blake says:

    Dear Mrs. Amri,
    The hawk depends on the squirrel for food. The squirrel has to collect acorns and use skills, like its ability to jump and run, to escape from the hawk. And the video was awesome!
    Did you like the video?

    • admin says:

      Dear Blake,
      Thanks for your comment. I love this video as an example of prey and predator! I was quite happy for the squirrel to get away, although I know hawk needs to eat, too!
      From, Mrs. Amri

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