Animal Adaptations

In our reading and research about ecosystems this last week we talked about animal adaptations. We learned that adaptations are the physical or behavioral changes an animal makes in order to survive in an ecosystem.

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We also talked about food webs.  Part of our research is about the food chain our animal is in. We are asking questions are its prey and predators and whether our animal is a carnivore (meat eater), an herbivore (plant eater), or an omnivore (animal and plant eater). A food web is a complex network of food chains in an ecosystem.

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2 Responses to Animal Adaptations

  1. Isabelle says:

    I am an otter. I have webbed feet to help me swim. I can close my ears and nose to keep water out.

  2. Blake says:

    Dear Mrs. Amri,
    I like being a Fennec Fox and on the favorite board. It has been fun learning about the Fennec Fox. But I learned something that I eat…snakes!
    Your friend,
    The Fennec Fox Blake

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