Let’s Explore Greatness: Biographies

What do these people have in common? Florence Nightingale, Thomas Edison, Helen Keller, Abraham Lincoln, Bill Gates, Malala Yousafzai. When you read the stories about their lives, their biographies, you will learn that they have a number of the same character traits that inspired them to do great things: creativity in their work, compassion for others, courage in the face of adversity, determination to succeed, perseverance during hard times, and honesty and integrity in confronting injustice or expressing their beliefs. 

Click here to watch the story of Christopher Columbus that explore the stories of some of these great people. You can listen to and read their stories at home over the next couple of weeks as you prepare to make a choice about a person you would like to research. We can also listen to more stories on BrainPop Jr./Social Studies/Biographies. You read short articles about more great people on Biographies for Kids and World Book Online Great People.  Click on each of the links above to take you right there!

Let’s share what we learn with each other on our Padlet.  Let’s see how much new learning we can add.

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