Here Are Our Spring Challenges!

Welcome back from Spring Break! We are ready to start new units of study and new challenges. The first is a writing challenge: write one complete sentence on our own on our weekly Padlets. Be sure to the words in the question to write your answer. The spelling will be correct this way. Watch for correct spelling and punctuation. Ask for someone to edit it before you finish. For enrichment write two sentences and add an image. This is also a keyboarding challenge: keep your fingers on home row.

Made with Padlet

The second challenge is our Africa Bridge Reading Challenge: start a new series, read more minutes a day, read more biographies. You choose your goal and get sponsors for your reading. Our goal is to help support the students in our sister schools in Tanzania. We will be reading a book called A Life Like Mine to learn more about life for children around the world as well as books about life in Africa. We want to learn how we can make a difference in the lives of others. What will you do? Write a complete sentence for your answer, check your spelling and punctuation and use home row as you type.


Made with Padlet


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