Africa Bridge

Our second graders have an on-going opportunity to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable children in Tanzania through the organization called Africa Bridge This year we will reach out and strengthen our relationship with Stafford’s new buddy school Ipyana Primary.

Our efforts will focus on providing the same type of support for the students as we did for Pakati Primary School, Katusyo Primary School, Ksanga Primary School and the Lufingo Schools.  We are excited to see what we do this year. Our former superintendent, Dr. Roger Woehl, who has worked together with Africa Bridge, visited the villages in Tanzania in October of 2013 together with Barry Childs and former West Linn High School student, Oliver Muegli, who also serves on the board.

Each year the second graders have had the opportunity to participate in a special literacy program called The Read to Feed/Read to Build Reading Challenge Project. This program was designed to raise money to help support the students from our buddy schools in Tanzania.

They read the book Beatrice’s Goat that tells the story of a little girl whose family receives the gift of a goat.  The goat helps them earn enough money to feed her family and to send Beatrice to school.  The non-profit organization, Africa Bridge, supplies this type of sustainable help in Tanzania to support needy and orphaned children through their cow cooperatives. Each year Dr. Roger has come to our classrooms to share his presentation “Aruna’s Story“, in which he retells the life of a young girl in a village whose life was changed through the support of Africa Bridge.

Cow Coopertive

This reading challenge project was an extension of the Great People in History unit.  We were excited to see that we, too, could make a difference in people’s lives by making a difference in the life of just one child.  We know that through our donations to Africa Bridge

  • $50 pays for supplies for a child to attend primary school a year
  • $120 pays for fees and supplies to send a child to secondary school for a year
  • $1,000 pays for one family’s membership in a potato or cow co-op
  • $10,000 builds a classroom

Old Classrooms

Second graders decided they would use their reading skills to help support our friends in Tanzania.  They challenged themselves to read more and looked for sponsors for their reading.  Together with the efforts of our third graders through their school-wide fundraiser, The Market Place, Stafford students have done great things. Thanks to their efforts

  • More students are attending school
  • Families have more food as a result of the animal cooperatives
  • 3 new classrooms have been built
  • over 300 new student desks have been built


New classrooms built with the help of Stafford School

Over the past years, Barry Childs, the founder of Africa Bridge,  has come to Stafford to talk to us about the great things that are happening for the students in the villages in Tanzania, thanks to the continuing support of the students here at Stafford. Our school efforts have raised over $13,700 over the past 3 years to support the children there. Our support has helped in the completion of 3 new classrooms and build a new bathroom for the school.


Barry Childs meeting with students.

Learn more about Africa Bridge by watching this video. Let’s continue to make a difference in the lives of the students in Tanzania!


Barry Childs was an Encore Purpose Prize Winner in 2010 for his work with Africa Bridge. Watch this video to see how Stafford Primary School and our West Linn-Wilsonville School District Stafford has been a part of his work.

We hope you will join us in our effort to support the children in Tanzania.

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