The Next Great Inventor? You!

We have had some incredible toys and games coming in this last week. You are really using your imagination and creativity to invent new things. We are excited to realize how rewarding it can be to create something new! Kid President has a message for you about that!

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We introduced our first set of games and look forward to introducing the this Friday. Game Day! We are doing this as a part of our preparation for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Week. We will invite the other second grade classes to enjoy our games with us. Next week is STEM Week at Stafford with our STEM Night on Thursday. Second Grade will be be showcasing our Lego Robotics projects. Oh ya! Lego Robots rock!

What is Kid President’s message to us?

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Let’s Be Creative! Let’s Play!

This last Friday we celebrated our work in our Africa Bridge Reading Challenge. This is our Kid’s Team leading the celebration for us. Second graders raised $3,705.30 so far, and we still have donations coming in. Congratulations to you all! You have done amazing work to change the lives of our friends in Tanzania.

One of the things we have learned from our friends in Tanzania is that drumming and dancing is an important part of celebrating. Our artist in residence, Okaidja Afroso, taught us all about the art of drumming, dancing and singing. We had great fun with him all week!

Music and dance are an important part of play. We often take play for granted. In class we have been reading about the rights of children in a book called A Life Like Mine. It is published by UNICEF, which is a group that works to improve the lives of children around the world. We have learned that children have the following rights. The right to

  • water
  • food
  • a home
  • a healthy life
  • an education
  • time to play

Games are also an important part of play. We learned that our friends in Tanzania make their own soccer balls.

Mrs. Sinkonde, our instructional assistant, shared stories with us about the years she spent living in Zambia. She has an amazing story and we were grateful she shared it with us together with her husband, Mr. Sinkonde. Mr. Sinkonde also shared about some of the creative toys that children make.

Just today we read a great book called Galimoto where a boy makes a toy out of scraps he collects. This week we want to challenge ourselves to get creative and make our own toys. Here are some ideas we got from our friends:

  1. Make a soccer ball out of plastic bags, cloth and rope or string.
  2. Make a Mancala game with an egg carton and some small pebbles or corn kernals.
  3. Make a Galimoto out of materials you find at home.


Let’s build the bonds of friendship through play. Share your joy with others and let’s make the world a better place.

What game will you create?

What is your favorite game to play with others?

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Africa Bridge Reading Challenge Celebration

Okaidja teaching drumming to last year’s second graders.

This week we prepare to celebration the end of our Africa Bridge Reading Challenge. We will be learning the art of drumming, dancing, singing and story telling from our artist in residence, Okaidja Alfroso.

We are learning to celebrate with music and dance just like the students in Africa do. Watch this video that the Africa Bridge Kid’s Team made one year as a gift for our friends in Tanzania. We combined videos from the students there with our own to show what we all have in common: a love of music, dance, laughter, and love. 

Kisondela students excited to be in school.

We have so much to celebrate! We have been using our reading skills to raise money to help improve the lives of the students in the Kisondela schools in Tanzania. We want them to be able to attend school just like us. We want them to have a home, enough food, and a loving family. We are proud to know we are a part of making that happen.

Lastly, we found this great video that shows how music and dance are a universal language. It is so great to see how many people all over the world express their joy this way. I think there should always be a reason to dance! Let’s do it!

What are you most proud of with the reading challenge?


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Earth Day

Made with Padlet


Saturday was Earth Day! In our research about ecosystems we have learned how everything and everyone is interconnected here on our planet Earth. We see how we are one world, and we must do what we can, where we can, to help to protect it. We hope you will add your name to our Padlet by clicking anywhere on the pad and tell us what you will do to protect our Earth. Help us protect our planet!

Watch the two Earth Day videos below to help you brainstorm what you can do. See how a young girl from Oregon has made a commitment to helping our Earth.

What will you do to protect the Earth?

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Let’s Change the World!

How do we change the world? The world is changed by ordinary people just like us. One person filled with love starts to do something awesome for someone else and that love starts spreading. Let’s get to it!  We are using our reading skills to bring hope to our sister schools in Tanzania so they can go to school just like us. Watch this video some past Crew members made to inspire us do what we can.

How does it make you feel to know you have the power to change someone’s life?

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