Protecting Our Ecosystems

As we continue our study of ecosytems we know that we must pay attention to how we can protect the environment around us. Listen to this song and then add to our Padlet how you and your family are doing your part in helping.

Join us in our effort to protect the Earth! 

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The Rice Rock Museum

We went on our field trip to the Rice Rock Museum this last week to see the wonderful collection of rocks.  This museum is one of the biggest in the Pacific Northwest.  What a great place to explore and be a rock hound. We all came away with a great rock!

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What did you enjoy most at the museum?

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Let’s protect our Earth!

Watch this creative project that teaches all about ecosystems and how we can do our part to protect our home, the Earth.  Thank you to the students at Marryatville School in England who put together this animated video that illustrates perfectly our definition of an ecosystem. Thank you for sharing your learning with the world!

We will work together with you, side by side, to protect our Earth!

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Will you join us in helping protect our Earth?

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We are beginning our study of ecosystems this week. What is an ecosystem? An ecosystem includes all of the living things like plants, animals and organisms in a given area that interact with each other, and also with non-living things like weather, sun, soil, and climate.
meaning of ecosystems

In an ecosystem, each organism has its’ own special role to play. Last week we used Scholastic Study Jams Science: Ecosystems to learn more about ecosystems. We are excited to continue our nonfiction reading and writing about the savanna, rainforest, desert, polar tundra, temperate forest, and ocean. This is a great website to review our learning in science. Click on the link above to review what we learned.

The video above was posted on a class blog by Mrs. N-C and The Terrific Tuis from New Zealand. The scene is from a forest habitat. It is hard not to laugh as you watch the main characters, Squirrel and Eagle lead their daily life in their forest habitat. Their class used this for a creative writing project to help them come up with strong descriptive sentences. What a great way to get inspired and learn about an ecosystem. Thanks for sharing your great idea with others on your class blog!

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What did you learn about the forest ecosystem from the video?

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A Day to Celebrate Love and Friendship


Valentine’s Day is a special day when we celebrate friendship and love with family and friends. Let’s invite a special guest to join us on Wednesday morning, February 14th to celebrate together from 7:50-9:10. Invite your mom or dad, grandmother or grandfather, aunt or uncle or a special family friend.


We will prepare for them a special breakfast of toaster waffles, fruit, juice, hot coffee.  We will play together Valentine Bingo, and a share with them a special song. It will be a wonderful morning spreading happiness to all!

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What do you like most about Valentine’s Day? 

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Beauty in Diversity


Yesterday we celebrated the holiday, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Day. This week we will be looking at the idea of beauty in diversity and the power of our words.  Dr. King’s message was about the importance of diversity in our world.  His words remind us to look at a person on the inside.  He encourages us to judge a friend based on their character and not by how they look on the outside. He reminds us to look at the things we have in common: a belief in the good in all people, a hope for a bright future and a love for all. Listen to his story below:

His words also inspire us to work hard to bring about positive changes in the world through peaceful ways: through our words. Words can make people happy, they express our feelings, they can change lives, and they can inspire us. However, words also have the power to make people sad and to hurt feelings. Here are some ideas for us of things we should say more often:

We talk about friendships and how to be a good friend. We have talked about how each of us is unique and special. We have different tastes, different interests, and different opinions.  We are learning to see the good in each other and express our gratitude for those things. We are learning how to discuss our differences in a calm way. We are learning to listen well and listen respectfully to each other so we can expand our friendships.  We are learning to admit mistakes to our friends and say, “I’m sorry” when we have hurt their feelings. We are learning strategies to help us stop unkind actions.

These are not easy goals, but Stafford is a place where students are kind and caring and they work on their friendship skills.  Let’s commit ourselves to these goals in the new year. It’s a beautiful world.  Not only do we have the power to see this beauty around us each day, but we also have the power to help create it.

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Let’s work on expanding our friendships

this week!

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Geology Rocks!


We are excited to be back from the Winter break and begin the New Year. We are starting a new unit on nonfiction reading and writing and will be using our skills to learn about geology.

We began our study of geology with looking at the layers of the earth, which are inner core, outer core, mantle, crust.  We learned the 3 rock types: sedimentary, igneous, metamorphic. We are enjoying exploring the various parts of the rock cycle and thinking about how rocks are formed.


Let’s share what we know about rocks on the Padlet below. Click anywhere on the online sticky note pad to write a response. Click anywhere outside the note to make it stick.

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Our Gift

We are excited to share a reading of one of our favorite books that we created with a tool called a Voicethread. A Voicethread is an online slideshow that allows you to upload pictures and make comments. We hope you enjoy our reading! It is a gift made with love for our families.

We wish our families love and joy

this holiday season!


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The Quilt Maker’s Gift

Last week we read two books by the author Jeff Brumbeau: The Quilt Maker’s Gift and The Quilt Maker’s Journey. One of the central ideas is how important it is to have empathy for others. We have been learning about the importance of empathy in class and how we grow in our empathy toward others.

Listen to the story and leave a comment below to add to the conversation.

We discussed the importance of trying to help others in need whenever we can. As a school community, we are doing a Seats, Feets and Diaper Drive to give to children in need. Wednesday is the last day of the drive.

We hope that we, too, can do something like making a quilt for someone in need. Well, how about this Friday? Let’s make our own quilt to give to someone in need. We can do it at our Winter Celebration this Friday. Let’s do it!

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What kinds of things have you made to give as gifts for family or friends?

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Hour of Code


Will you be one of tomorrow’s superheroes? As your teacher this year, I will bet on it. Amazing things are happening these days in the area of Computer Science.  Watch this video that introduces us to some important people who talk about the importance of kids like us learning computer code.

This week is Computer Science Education Week, and we are celebrating with others around the world “An Hour of Code“. Students all around the world will spend one hour learning the basics of computer programming. We will explore programming with tutorials throughout the week. The fun tutorials include Star Wars, Minecraft, Anna and Elsa and Lightbots!

Almost everything we do involves some sort of computer programming. Creating things through code may seem to be wizardry or involve superhero skills, but one thing is for sure. It can make a huge difference in the lives of people, and we can use these powers for good.  So, let’s get to it geniuses!

Our learning targets:

1. I can create something new using computer code

2. I will collaborate with others to learn a new language: “computer code”

3. I can use my critical thinking skills to use code to design and complete a project.

Haven’t we all wished we were superheroes? Here is our chance.

How many lines of code did you create today?

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Family Traditions

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This week we are excited to share more about our families with our storytelling beads. We love our families. Families are the people who love us. Our families teach us important values and pass on important traditions. We will share the stories of our names, our ancestors, and our family traditions with each other this week. We are learning to look for similarities and differences as we listen to our family stories and know that it is our stories that make us unique and special.

Which winter traditions do you enjoy?

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