Why Blog?

Blogging provides many educational opportunities:

  • Students have an authentic audience for their writing and that has an impact on the quality of their posts.
  • Students revisit and reflect upon the lessons when they read the posts on the blog. The learning doesn’t stop when the chapter or unit ends, commenting keeps the learning alive.
  • Students learn how to navigate around the Internet and how to present digital information in a variety of ways.
  • Students have opportunities to participate and contribute to an online community. Teaching this skill to students in elementary school helps prepare students for more individualize online collaboration in the middle and high school years.
  • Students practice a letter-writing form, when they comment. Letter-writing form is a Common Core standard.
  • Students learn about geography by tracking our visitors and sharing comments with our blogging friends. Skyping with blogging buddies brings geography to life!

Watch this great video made by Mrs. Yollis’ class about blogging as a learning tool. ¬†We want to thank them for creating this video for everyone to learn from.

You can also watch this BrainPop Jr. video on the topic of “Blogs” as well as”Internet Safety” under the category of “Technology”.



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