My Fingerprint Poem by Priya

My fingerprint is like a mouse with huge ears waiting and listening for the cat to jump out and scare him sending him back into his hole.

It’s like a whale swimming through the deep blue sea with a sprawl of dark green seaweed on it’s back.

It looks like a black hole that will never end sucking everything up only nobody knows about it.

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12 Responses to My Fingerprint Poem by Priya

  1. Chocolate Bunny :) says:

    WHO ARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This a great poem but the part about the mouse i think you need to add on to and change “the cat” to a cat.
    other wise i loved the poem.

  2. I've Got It says:

    I love the line “It’s like a whale swimming through the deep blue sea with a sprawl of dark green seaweed on it’s back.” Very descriptive you obviously have had experience with this kind of writing.

  3. snickerdoodle13 says:

    Who are you? you need to write your name on your poem but other than that your poem is great. I love all your description and detail in your piece. I really like the part about the mouse’s ears.

  4. young bahss says:

    good job it is very specific and detailed. maybe make it a little longer though it is just a little short.

  5. MONKEY says:

    I like the poem. You used good discriptive language too.
    Who are you?

  6. UUfan says:

    Who wrote this poem????????

  7. softballgirl says:

    Once again please write your name! It is a great poem and I would like to know who wrote it.

  8. Speed Reader says:

    PLEASE put your name on this! I really love the part about the mouse, (P.S. I would put a comma after the “him” because it would be like a pause to add more affection.) I think that maybe you should stretch some of the parts out because it seems like these could be really interesting lines. I really hope that you make this a longer poem because you are a GREAT poet!

  9. bobbob says:

    To whoever wrote this I think that you need to expand on your poem. I like the mouse part but it is kind of short. But over all it’s good

  10. softballgirl says:

    wait? WHO WROTE THIS ONE? I really like the mouse one, but you might want to add a few more sentences. Awesome Job!

    • Blueeyed says:

      That is the same thing I’m thinking, whosever it is please write your name on it!! Bit I love all the images that you created in my mind, your an amazing poet!

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